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Eleanor Hammond provides the world’s first My First Tarot series of decks that show eight situational meanings on each card, making them the easiest and most accurate, professional readings that you can do by yourself at home. Eleanor is a sought-after teacher of Tarot and has been providing readings worldwide for decades. She lives in Mount Isa, Australia, with her husband, teenagers, happy dogs, chooks (chickens for those that don’t speak Aussie), fish, and a large weekly grocery bill. Eleanor is the creator of My First Tarot divination systems, helping people find out the truth and insights available to them via these 78-card lighthearted, yet empowering looks at Tarot. Each card supplies eight situational meanings written on each card to ensure accuracy for immediate comprehensive readings. Using the specialized layout map, your answers are visible and easy to interpret the moment you lay down your cards! A guidebook continues the learning process by offering deeper associations that allow you to understand your relationships in ways not previously seen. Simply follow the instructions to shuffle, draw eight (or more!) cards, place them as shown on the layout map, and read the boxes for each card. Simple, quick, and accurate—what more could you ask for? Suitable for all Tarot reading levels.


To spread peace and love as far as I can whilst I am here on the planet.

I have always been focussed on empowering others. In any role I've ever had, I've always wanted anyone coming into contact with me to be better after knowing me, than they were when I met them. I've done this through having employees that I've trained, and I endeavour to empower through readings by giving people the knowledge of how to help themselves through their life challenges.

What I Believe

That's a big question, and isn't covered properly here. I believe that 'energy' is present in all living and seemingly static objects e.g. a rock has particles that are still moving. Energy always moves in and out of form and is never ending and never beginning. I don't believe that it's possible to die, and that we move into the physical form and then out of it again at the end of the physical form's lifecycle.

Services I Provide

I prefer doing medium and psychic work for people, and usually this experience feels like this; I ask your permission to tune into you. I let you know that when I tune in, sometimes I pick up people around you who are living, and sometimes I pick up people that are passed over. I ask you if you're comfortable with that. If you are not, I focus only on the Tarot side of the reading. If you're comfortable with talking with spirits; I tune into what's happening 'around you' and I see if spirits step forward and talk to me on your behalf.

And that's about when it gets side-tracked…

Spirit can take over the entire reading and it can become a full medium session without Tarot cards and with me passing on messages from spirit; OR we do some medium work, and then use Tarot cards, OR I'm instructed by spirit to do a Tarot reading...

I know that when I'm instructed to do a Tarot reading it's because you have things happening in your life now that you need to focus on.

The face to face or phone/Skype readings are recorded and a CD is made for you and posted, or if you prefer, uploaded.

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My background, as written by a journalist:

Eleanor has an interesting mix of bloodlines, and as a sixth generation Romany gypsy, Eleanor has dreamt of the original tarot cards all of her life. As a child Eleanor was “given” the Jack of Spades in a dream and told that this “is your life purpose” and that she needed to “communicate that which is hidden”.

Since then Eleanor has given over 20,000 Tarot readings, and conducted energy work of all kinds, including Shamanic work becoming popular and sought after in the past decade in Australia, where she resides, and all over the world for Skype readings.

Eleanor has been a successful and gentle group leader and teacher for Tarot courses and other healing work, and has been on the speaker circuit for many different reasons for the last 25 years.

Eleanor has a Master degree in Metaphysics (MM) and is a Reverend in the Universal Church of Metaphysical Sciences.