Gift Voucher - Hour Reading - New Customer

This is the purchase of an hour reading with Eleanor. The reading can be tarot, medium or a mixture of both.
Eleanor conducts readings all over the world via Skype, FaceTime, phone or face-to-face.
The reading can be recorded and if necessary a CD can be posted (AUD$5 or AUD$10 international additional), or uploaded and emailed to you (free), or transferred to your USB (free for face-to-face readings).
Readings can be booked via the self-booking page at Self-Booking Page and the timezone can be changed to suit the person booking.  When booking, select "I have a voucher" on the booking page and continue as normal.
If you’d prefer not to make an online booking please call 0407898153 in Australia, or email, or contact us via the Facebook page and we will organise a time that suits both Eleanor and yourself.
You don't need to bring anything to your reading, but if you wish to do so, you can bring something you wear all the time (eg a watch or a ring) for Eleanor to hold, or you can bring a photo. Maybe write down some questions for the end of the session so that you don't feel like you've forgotten anything.
Eleanor is a medium and a psychic and uses Tarot cards were also needed. Each reading is different and all readings are empowering and supportive. Eleanor doesn’t get bad news, however sometimes advice and warnings do come through.
Eleanor prefers to speak first and passes on any messages that are available from spirit. After this process finishes you’re then able to speak as much as you like (if you like) and ask any questions that you have.
Generally this is what happens at a reading;

  • Eleanor asks your permission to tune into you.
  • Eleanor lets you know that when she tunes in, sometimes she picks up people around you who are living, and sometimes she picks up people that are passed over. She asks you if you're comfortable with that. If you are not, she focuses only on the Tarot side of the reading.
  • If you're comfortable with talking with spirits; Eleanor will first tune into what's happening 'around you' and see if spirits step forward and talk to her on your behalf. Spirits around you can include the living people, and if people who are living come up in your reading, it’s never bad news about that person, it’s often that spirit is wanting to acknowledge someone who’s still living, or acknowledge your relationship with the person who’s still living.

And that's about when the reading can become side-tracked :)
Basically from here, spirit can take over the entire reading and it can become a full medium session without Tarot cards and with Eleanor just passing on messages from spirit.. OR some medium work, and then using Tarot cards, OR Eleanor is instructed by spirit to do a Tarot reading..
Know that when there's an instruction to do a Tarot reading it's because you have things happening in your life now that you need to focus on.
Many blessings to you

Price: 130.00 AUD
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