North West Star, Mount Isa newspaper


I am very grateful for the clarity that Eleanor has brought to my life. Her reading was very accurate (gave me goose bumps big time) and was very positive and reassuring. I will be back for more! I have just bought 'My First Tarot Deck' and I am addicted already. So easy to use and allows the once mysterious and normally quite complicated to be very simple and available to everyone. Eleanor's white light and life's work is a gift to us all. Namaste,

~ Kate

I've had a couple of email readings from Eleanor and have been very impressed with her accuracy. She was able to describe my children (each with very different personalities) perfectly. One of the examples of where she was spot-on was when she suggested that my middle child may have an issue with her hearing. As she was the only one of my children who hadn't had the newborn hearing screening, I booked her in to have her tested and it was found that she did have a small hearing loss. Each reading has had a really positive feel to it, and Eleanor conveys her messages and suggestions in a very gentle and uplifting way. It feels as though you're receiving advice and insight from a caring friend. Thank you Eleanor

~ KJ

Receiving a reading had always been something I had wanted to do but feared. It called to me but, I was scared to go, I was unsure of my beliefs, and not sure if I was ready to hear what was to be heard! This changed when I happened upon Eleanor via Facebook in a small town in the middle of nowhere, In regional Australia!! 
I have had several readings with Eleanor now and can only speak in the highest regard of the experience I had in these sessions. Eleanor's warmth and generosity of self, during her readings is so comforting and empowering (often in my case with many days of elation and wonder to follow). Whilst at the time of my reading I may have been puzzled by spirit, when i have questioned my family around Initials/dates etc; I have been thrilled to know that Yes that message was correct and in awe of its timing!!!
In my experience her attunement (not sure if that's even a word??) with Tarot is a joy to take in, and was absolutely correct for where I was, where I were heading and had been.
I do not personally own a deck of Eleanor's cards but purchased them as a gift for a friend and she has practiced many readings with me and I know uses them often for guidance. 
I can only say if you are presented with the opportunity to sit with Eleanor be prepared for something wonderful!!!

~ Amy

I have been doing the 'My First Tarot' course very slowly and love it. I like that I can do it at my own pace in my own time. The course is simple to follow, you don't need to use her deck *I do as I live them) there is ample room in the book to make your own comments.

~ Bernadette

Revolutionary! You have an amazing product!

~ Importer at the Brisbane Mind, Body, Spirit Festival about My First Tarot Deck.

I absolutely love the my first tarot deck. As a beginner I find them easy to read and understand, the tarot course book has also given be a better understanding of tarot from the history to knowing the meaning of each card. I highly recommend the two. I have also had a couple of readings and I am amazed at the information that came through Eleanor is a truly gifted and kind soul a one in a million. I also highly recommend having a reading with Eleanor

~ Rachael

The My First Tarot Deck is incredibly easy to use, you can start doing readings the minute you get them. I was amazed at how accurate the cards were, and how refreshing it was to read the meanings right on the card without flipping through a book to find the explanation (a book is included if you want more detail though). This has become my go-to deck for quick, easy and accurate readings! When I first heard about the layout mat I was excited, I have never seen anything like that before! The concept is truly revolutionary, and this deck has become my favourite out of the many decks I already own. As for the look and feel of the cards, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of both the artwork and the professional feel of the cards. Eleanor did the artwork herself, which adds that personal touch, and it's clear that she insisted on only the best quality materials. I have been using the cards for months and they are still in perfect condition. These cards are ideal for both beginners and experienced readers. I know I would have loved them when I was just getting started as they make readings more intuitive by eliminating the need to dive into a book for every meaning. I highly recommend them, whether you're just getting started or have a growing collection of decks.

~ LS

I first went to see Eleanor awhile back to 'find answers' I had no specific request, just wanted to see if she was as good as I thought. She exceeded expectations! She commented on things there was no way she could know - we were not personal friends and I never put out in public. She also talked about health issues -without prompting - and because of her I saw my doctor stated a few things she said and was promptly diagnosed. I had been suffering and in pain for over 5 years with this and doc said if I hadn't been diagnosed I may have been dead or severely ill by the end of year. I owe her my life.

~ Bernadette